Land of the Living

My first album is only available for digital purchase (so far…). The option to purchase physical copies of the first album should be available before the release of the second album! Check back often for more updates!!! The digital version can be found in most digital music stores.

My second album, “Dawn of a New Day” MAY be distributed for purchase in CD, Vinyl, and digital formats… And could be available in up to 15,000 stores! This gives me potential to sell more albums, but getting it out to the max of 15,000 stores depends on demand from the customer base. But, at-any-rate, be on the lookout! It could show up in a shopping center near you! I’m super excited about this album!!!

You may preview and/or buy the first album at the following locations:
iTunes, Apple Music, AmazonMP3, Deezer, Google Play, & Spotify