Before the Fade – New Song!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I just wanted to let you know I have a new song coming soon! I hope to get it completed and copyrighted by the end of June 2017. The song is titled, “Before the Fade”. Once I make that happen I’ll be submitting it for distribution and to various radios for on-air play.

And without further adieu the sample is provided below! Please keep in mind it helps to have a good set of speakers and a sub-woofer! Check back often for updates!

“Dawn of a New Day” is Coming this Fall

The second Accidental Coordination album is coming in the Fall of 2017!

It’s been 5 years since the first album was released. In that time I’ve upgraded my music composition equipment and planned to upgrade even more in the months between now and release of the second album! I hope you enjoy what you hear. Samples will be uploaded to the site as I can make them available.

I’m still in the process of deciding which songs are going to make the cut. There are over 600 to choose from. LOL! No kidding! Once I narrow down the selection I’ll post an update.

Also in the works: the CD cover design! I want the cover to have a very similar design as the first album but with added graphics. Moss will be growing, trees will be taking root, etc… 🙂

So, stayed tuned!